5 Favorite Ways to Repurpose Feed Sacks

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Feed bags.  They’re a waste product of most farms.  Instead of tossing, consider these five fantastic things you could do to repurpose them.  With just a little outside the box thinking, your feed bags will be treasure, not trash.  And you just might find yourself asking friends and neighbors to save them for you!

Make a tote bag from an empty feed bag! 

You can turn an old feed sack into a tote or purse with little sewing skill.  It will be one of a kind and a lovely conversation piece to boot!

Transform a feed bag into a trash bag. 

Instead of buying trash bags just to toss, try reusing your old feed bag to collect trash. 

Keep out the weeds by using feed bags in your garden. 

Use old feed bags to cover garden beds to prevent weeds from popping up.  Simply cut the bags & arrange on the tops flower or veggie garden.  You can cover with grass clippings or leaves as well to help keep the weeds out and retain moisture. Paper sacks will naturally decompose over time.  Plastic feed bags will need to be removed before tilling time as they are not able to be composted.

Feed bags make great gift wrapping!

I always loved getting my presents wrapped in newspaper or other repurposed materials.  Use an old feed sack to make a unique gift wrap next time you wrap a present!  Use some old bailing twine as a ribbon for a cute country look!

ways to reuse feed bags

You can use feed bags to create cheap animal housing!

And my very favorite way to repurpose a feed sack?  Use unwanted plastic feed bags as part of a thrifty animal shelter.  Simply cut the bags, open and staple to an old trailer or wood frame.  Instant animal housing!  Hubby came up with this idea when he needed a mobile goat shelter in a pinch.  The plastic feed sacks keep out wind and rain so our goats have shelter while being moved from pasture to pasture. 

 How do you reuse old feed bags?   Share your ideas in the comments!  I’m always looking for more ways to be green & thrifty!


    • Anonymous says

      Empty feed bags make fine lawn and garden clean up bags. Branches and twigs don’t punch through.

  1. says

    I roll down the sides, fill them with a little dirt, place some seed potatoes in and fill it a little more. Then, when the potatoes grow a little taller I add more dirt and roll the sides of the bag a little higher. By the end of the season I literally have a sack filled with potatoes!

  2. says

    Love the gift wrap idea:) I use one for a seat cover on the lawn mower. The seat is cracked so if it rains, the seat cushion soaks up water. With a handy-dandy feed sack, it’s no problem.

  3. shelley says

    I save them up make totes, apron and tarps. Cut bottoms off, open seams up on side and use duct tape to tape down seams. Works great!

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