Turmeric for Inflammation

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turmericHave you ever heard of turmeric? It’s a spice you just might have sitting on a shelf in your kitchen.  It contains curcumin, an antioxident that’s been shown to reduce inflammation and pains associated with it.  Turmeric is one of my favorite kitchen remedies for easing pains from swollen joints and keeping inflammation at bay.  

How do I use it?  It’s easy.  You can use it in cooking, if you don’t mind the taste.  It pairs well with Asian cuisine, like curry dishes or can be taken as a tea.  My favorite way to enjoy turmeric is using my Golden Milk Recipe.  It tastes so good, you’ll be counting down for your next dose of pain relief!

I also find that putting in capsules make medicating a breeze.  You can buy pre-filled turmeric capsules, but I’ve found that it is much more frugal to purchase turmeric in bulk, along with a capsule loader (I have this one that I purchased from my affiliate partner on Amazon) and fill the capsules yourself.  I find relief by taking two “OO” capsules every 4-6 hours, similar to taking motrin.  Keeping it in my system around the clock when experiencing inflammation has given be the best relief.

You can also use it topically by mixing it with some oil (I like to use almond or coconut) and rubbing it into your skin!  It will help relieve pain from bruises and other minor injuries.  

It’s natural, so that means it’s totally safe, right?  Wrong.  Just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean that it’s always safe to use.  Turmeric contains curcumin, which can act as an anti-clotting agent. Use caution and consult your physician prior to use if you are on blood thinners or planning surgery.  

{I am not, and do not claim to be a medical professional. I write based on my personal experience and research. Please contact a medical professional before making any decisions that could impact your health. As a reader, you must be responsible for your own research and actions.}

Have you tried turmeric for pain relief?  What’s your favorite way to use it?


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