Make your own almond butter at home.

Make Your Own Homemade and Healthy Almond Butter

Everywhere I look, it seems like almond butter is wicked expensive!  Solution?  Take a few minutes to make it yourself!  Nut butters are something that I always assumed had to be bought at the store.  They just seem a bit intimidating to make, but if you have some almonds & a food processor or blender, […]

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Easy DIY Outside brooder

Outside, Cat-proof Brooder: So Easy a 7 Year Old Can Do It

Living with cats around can cause problems for chickens and other birds that don’t have a mother to protect them.  Using a couple items that you probably already have laying around, you can make a cat-proof (and other bird hunting animal proof) brooder for outdoor use.  And don’t worry, it’s not hard.  It’s so easy […]

American Guinea Hogs Arrive on the Farm

Meet Our American Guinea Hogs

You probably know that I love pigs.  There’s just something about them.  They’re smart, make great barnyard friends and they even taste great after their time on pasture is up. Maybe that’s the reason I nominated them as my farm’s MVA last year (you know, Most Valuable Farm Animal).  That’s why I am beyond excited […]

Most Valuable Farm Animal - the Pig

MVA – Most Valuable Animal

Not so long ago, I posted a challenge to readers.  I asked you to submit your questions to SML so we could answer them.  Well, it’s finally time for me to get to work and answer them!  Today, our first question comes from Alix at Blessed In Homemaking.  Alix asks, “Which animal do you find […]

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Quick Chat About Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have a hard-working Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD).  Her name is Athena, named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war.  It seemed like an appropriate name.  After all, she would be the one diving headfirst into a battle if an animal dared stir up a commotion near the barn.  And there are animals that […]

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Lessons Learned In the Barn - An 8-year-old blogger shares his story

Lessons Learned In the Barn

Welcome to the first official installment of Kids Thoughts, our newest addition to the blog where our youngest homesteaders, Nikolas and Brandon, will be sharing their stories and experiences.  Today, Brandon shares

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DIY Deodorant Recipes

Make Your Own Natural Deodorants that Actually Work!

Commercial deoderants are one of the last things I was able to walk away from when I decided to jump the fence to a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find an effective product. Initially, I tried several store-bought options like the Thai Crystal and Tom’s of Maine. I just […]

DIY Natural Rosemary Scalp Treatment Recipe

DIY Rosemary Hair Treatment to Relieve Itchy Scalp

Since I suffer from alopecia, I know all about uncontrollable and painful itching of the head.  And since I’m tired of resorting to prescription medications or spending money on remedy after remedy at the store, I decided to come up with a fix of my own and

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