Smooth Sumac: An Edible Plant

Smooth Sumac: Forage and Make Your Own Lemonade Drink

As usual, we’ve been foraging up a storm whenever we have the extra time, and even sometimes when we don’t!  The opportunity to add extra food items to our table for no or low cost is nearly impossible to pass up.  While I was reading through a few of my favorite foraging books, I found […]

Bunchberries - A Fun Trail Nibble!

Bunchberries: A Fun Trail Nibble!

When I have the energy and stamina, one of my favorite things to do is go foraging with my husband and kids.  It’s a fun activity that we can all do together, and since we generally end up with free food in the process it’s pretty rewarding.  One of our regular finds lately are bunchberries.  […]

Hang Dry Your Herbs to Preserve them

Hang Dry Herbs: Frugal Food Preservation

You’ve been hard at work growing herbs in a your garden or collecting them while out foraging.  Or maybe you’re like me and you do both!  Don’t let all that hard work go to waste; make sure you preserve your bounty.  And there’s no easier way to do it than with this easy hang and […]

DIY Kitchen Island from Repurposed Materials

DIY Kitchen Island Cutting Station Using Repurposed Materials

The other day, I realized I had a problem; I am in some serious need of counter space.  We have a small kitchen with practically zero prep room, outside of the kitchen table.  I got tired of fighting for table space to do all my cutting and prepping on, so I decided to make a […]

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Lamb's Quarters - An edible weed!

Lamb’s Quarters – A Nutritious and Edible Wild Plant

We are doing our best to grow or forage for our own food, whenever possible.  So when I found lamb’s quarters growing in nearly every corner, I was stoked to find out it wasn’t just edible, but tasty too!  As a matter of fact, my youngest son has recently proclaimed it to be his favorite […]

From the Farm and Benefits of Wild Food

Greetings, friends! And welcome to another Friday edition of From the Farm, where you can find a plethora of farming, do-it-yourself, and self-sufficiency related posts in one, easy to find place. And while you’re here, you even get to learn about the benefits of

Healthy Fried Smelt Recipe

Healthy Gluten and Egg Free Fried Smelt Recipe and Fishing Trip

Just last week, I got my very first ever fishing license!  I’m pretty excited about it, though I think my husband might be even more excited about it than I am!  I wasn’t in any real hurry to go fishing until Hubby went out and brought home his limit of smelt and I had a […]

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Drying Herbs Using Your Car

Dry Herbs In Your Car: Frugal Food Preservation

It’s no secret that you can save money foraging for herbs, or even growing your own in a garden at home.  But all the hard work of gathering those herbs goes to waste if you don’t take the time to preserve them.  Fortunately, you can dehydrate your herbs easily, using the dashboard of virtually any […]

How to make your own lard and cracklin - easier than you might think!

Make Your Own Pork Lard

We started raising pigs on our farm a few years back and they quickly became my MVA (or most valuable farm animal), and we increased the number we raised.  With more pigs pigs come lots (and lots) of fat.  Since pork fat is something I can cook with and don’t have to look for outside […]

Save money and make your own creamed honey at home!

How to Make Your Own Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is a fun and sweet treat, but it can be a pricey one if you purchase it from the store.  Instead of shelling out your hard earned money, why not try your hand at making your own?  It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be!  The short version of the how […]