Everything But the Kitchen Sink Broth – So Easy It Cooks Itself!

Tired of spending a small fortune on broth or stock in the store?  If you’ve got a crock-pot and a few extra minutes, you can create your own healthy, custom broth for pennies.  And the best part about it?  You use ingredients destined for the compost or garbage bin.  At my local grocery store, a […]

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Juneberry Pancakes – A Tasty Foraging Reward!

I love foraging for wild Juneberries.  But I love eating them even more.  And what could be better than eating some delish pancakes made with fresh Juneberries?  I really can’t think of much!  Well, not right now anyway.  Does that mean I’m hungry?   I came up with a tasty pancake recipe, spinning off from […]


Monotropa Uniflora: A Ghostly Encounter

  Have you ever seen this perennial plant while foraging or taking a walk?  It may not look like much, absent of color and easily missed since it does not depend on sunlight to grow and is often found in dark places, absent of light.  I was super stoked to come across it while foraging […]

Lamb's Quarters - An edible weed!

Lamb’s Quarters – A Nutritious and Edible Wild Plant

We are doing our best to grow or forage for our own food, whenever possible.  So when I found lamb’s quarters growing in nearly every corner, I was stoked to find out it wasn’t just edible, but tasty too!  As a matter of fact, my youngest son has recently proclaimed it to be his favorite […]

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Mend ripped pants easily

How to Mend Ripped Jeans

In our house, there’s no shortage of clothing that needs mended.  Between busy little boys and a hard working Hubby, it seems that holes in pants are one of my most common mending projects.  Hubby’s pants are bigger, making it a lot easier for me to just turn pants inside out and patch, but my […]

mending straight tear in clothing

Rip Your Britches, Mend With Zig Zag Stitches

It happens to the best of us.  We don’t mean to, but it happens.  Our pants get a rip or a tear, and sometimes in the most delicate places!  But no worries; your favorite pants aren’t ruined.  If you’ve got a sewing machine equipped with a zig-zag stitch and just a few minutes, that rip […]

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bailing twine indoor clothesline

Line Drying Clothes Indoors and Space Saving Drying Tips

While it is completely possible to successfully hang laundry outdoors to dry in the winter, even in freezing temperatures, I usually prefer to hang mine inside by the wood burner.  It not only makes me feel like I’m getting more out of the wood we use for heat, but it keeps me from battling frostbitten […]

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