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Happiness on the Homestead: Things that Make Me Smile!

The life of a homesteader is anything but easy!  While living this lifestyle is truly fulfilling, it’s not a life for the lazy.  In the midst of all that hard work, it’s important to find a reason to smile and find happiness.  Since I have countless reasons to smile everyday, I thought I would share […]

Use a can opener to open rigid plastic clamshell packaging.

How to Safely Open Rigid Plastic Clamshell Packages Quick and Easy!

One of my biggest frustrations after shopping is opening those crazy plastic packages that everything seems to be sandwiched in these days!  For years, I’ve been trying to open these things with lots of failure, and giving myself the occasional injury to boot.  Recently, I picked up a label maker to get things organized around […]

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From the Farm and Fall Snapshots from Around the Homestead

Greetings, friends!  And welcome to another edition of our weekly From the Farm Link Up!  If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a recent post.  With winter creeping on us, quicker than I’d like, there is a plethora of things keeping us busy!  As if homeschooling and regular farm chores aren’t […]

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Natural remedies for poison oak and poison ivy that actually work.

Natural Cures for Poison Oak that Actually Work

Poison oak is the devil.  That about sums up my feelings on the evil little plant.  If you’re anything like me, and you have a severe reaction to the urishiol on the plant, then you know just how I feel.  When I broke out with a case of poison oak recently, I was willing to […]

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Alternate Ways to Hang Dry Your Laundry | via Spring Mountain Living

Alternate Ways to Line Dry Your Clothes

A lot of you may already know, I love (yes love) doing laundry.  And like a lot of other things, I like to do it old school; washing by hand and hang-drying my clothes on a line.  I do my laundry this way year round, and have a fantastic line that my husband put up […]

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