How to wash dishes with limited water.

Washing Dishes With Limited Water

One of the most difficult things about washing dishes right now is our limited water supply.  Conserving and stretching water is especially important, but so is getting the dishes clean and sanitary.  Did you know you can do a load of dishes with less than a quart of water?   All you need is:  Large bowl or […]

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animal housing in extreme cold

Pig Husbandry in Extreme Cold Conditions

The extreme temperatures of the winter months can intimidate anyone considering adding pigs to their homestead.  When we started raising pigs for meat, I never thought they would be able to survive (and stay healthy) when the thermometer hit ten degrees, nevermind negative two.  But after doing some research, I quickly learned that it’s really simple and pretty cheap to keep your hungry […]

American Guinea Hogs Arrive on the Farm

Meet Our American Guinea Hogs

You probably know that I love pigs.  There’s just something about them.  They’re smart, make great barnyard friends and they even taste great after their time on pasture is up. Maybe that’s the reason I nominated them as my farm’s MVA last year (you know, Most Valuable Farm Animal).  That’s why I am beyond excited […]

Our new LGD pup meeting the animals

Zeus Trains With the Pigs: Integrating an LGD With Animals

Recently, we not only got some new piglets, but we also got ourselves a new LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) to add to our farm. After getting Zeus settled in, we decided that it would be best to train him to work with our new American Guinea Hogs. Specifically, we’re training him to work with the […]

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Lessons Learned In the Barn - An 8-year-old blogger shares his story

Lessons Learned In the Barn

Welcome to the first official installment of Kids Thoughts, our newest addition to the blog where our youngest homesteaders, Nikolas and Brandon, will be sharing their stories and experiences.  Today, Brandon shares

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DIY Deodorant Recipes

Make Your Own Natural Deodorants that Actually Work!

Commercial deodorants are one of the last things I was able to walk away from when I decided to jump the fence to a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find an effective product. Initially, I tried several store-bought options like the Thai Crystal and Tom’s of Maine. I just […]

Tips for using coconut oil in your bath and body routine.

Coconut Oil: One Ingredient Moisturizing Tips

Coconut oil has many uses that can be found far beyond the kitchen.  Moisturizing is just one of the many ways you can use this fabulous oil outside cooking. But how do you use it and on what?   Use coconut oil as a face cream.  Just grab a dollop & melt together (if not […]

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