Our new LGD pup meeting the animals

Zeus Trains With the Pigs: Integrating an LGD With Animals

Recently, we not only got some new piglets, but we also got ourselves a new LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) to add to our farm. After getting Zeus settled in, we decided that it would be best to train him to work with our new American Guinea Hogs. Specifically, we’re training him to work with the […]

Hubby’s Favorite Veggie Dip!

Eating raw veggies is always a tough sell here, especially when we’re talking about anything green.  How did my boys end up being turned off by all things green?  I’ll never know, but at least I’ve found a solution that doesn’t mean I have to force-feed my kids or hide their veggies in other edibles.  While […]

Knowing how to wash laundry by hand can make you more self sufficient

Knowing How to Wash Laundry By Hand

It’s another happy Friday and we are all together again, sharing and chattering about our favorite self-sufficient things! Today I’d like to chat a little bit about a skill that might seem like a lost art; hand washing your clothes! But isn’t washing laundry by hand a bit outdated? Washing your laundry by hand isn’t […]


Keep or Toss? More Finds from Around the Farm

  Since moving to the UP, we’ve been knee-deep in cleaning up a mess of junk on our new homestead.  Well, junk is not always the right word.  Sometimes it’s treasure and sometimes it’s trash.  Maybe you can help me decide which is which!  I recently found a huge stack of assorted papers… everything from personal letters […]

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mending straight tear in clothing

Rip Your Britches, Mend With Zig Zag Stitches

It happens to the best of us.  We don’t mean to, but it happens.  Our pants get a rip or a tear, and sometimes in the most delicate places!  But no worries; your favorite pants aren’t ruined.  If you’ve got a sewing machine equipped with a zig-zag stitch and just a few minutes, that rip […]

Mend ripped pants easily

How to Mend Ripped Jeans

In our house, there’s no shortage of clothing that needs mended.  Between busy little boys and a hard working Hubby, it seems that holes in pants are one of my most common mending projects.  Hubby’s pants are bigger, making it a lot easier for me to just turn pants inside out and patch, but my […]

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From the Farm and Benefits of Wild Food

Greetings, friends! And welcome to another Friday edition of From the Farm, where you can find a plethora of farming, do-it-yourself, and self-sufficiency related posts in one, easy to find place. And while you’re here, you even get to learn about the benefits of

Drying Herbs Using Your Car

Dry Herbs In Your Car: Frugal Food Preservation

It’s no secret that you can save money foraging for herbs, or even growing your own in a garden at home.  But all the hard work of gathering those herbs goes to waste if you don’t take the time to preserve them.  Fortunately, you can dehydrate your herbs easily, using the dashboard of virtually any […]

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