Turn Your Farm Trash Into Treasure

Farms can quickly collect heaps of trash or junk, but when you look a little further into the heaps and piles of assorted randomness, the frugal farmer can quickly see a plethora of goodies.  The next time you find yourself ready to load up a trailer full of crap to drop at the dump, make […]

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Most Valuable Farm Animal - the Pig

MVA – Most Valuable Animal

Not so long ago, I posted a challenge to readers.  I asked you to submit your questions to SML so we could answer them.  Well, it’s finally time for me to get to work and answer them!  Today, our first question comes from Alix at Blessed In Homemaking.  Alix asks, “Which animal do you find […]

Our New LGD Pup In Traiing via Spring Mountain Living

LGD In Training: Welcome Our New Pup!

Here in the UP, we’ve got a lot of predators that could threaten the lives and safety of our livestock.  From cayotes to wolves, birds of prey to bears, and everything else in between – there is no shortage of potential attacks.  With 80 acres of land to protect, includig livestock, bees and even a […]

American Guinea Hogs Arrive on the Farm

Meet Our American Guinea Hogs

You probably know that I love pigs.  There’s just something about them.  They’re smart, make great barnyard friends and they even taste great after their time on pasture is up. Maybe that’s the reason I nominated them as my farm’s MVA last year (you know, Most Valuable Farm Animal).  That’s why I am beyond excited […]

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Nikolas Headshot Kids Thoughts

Kids Thoughts: Welcome Kid Bloggers Nikolas & Brandon

Our friends and regular readers know that it’s more than just me and Hubby on the farm. We have kids too! Since they are homeschooled, help out with chores and are subjected to eating our healthy (and sugar free!) diet, I thought it would only make sense to have them begin to help out with […]

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Using raw honey as a face wash.

How to Use Raw Honey As a Face Wash

Finding a natural, yet effective, bath and body regimen was definitely a process.  I tried brand after brand of so-called natural products, but having a variety of skin issues did not make finding a good face wash easy.  I deal with eczema, acne, and sensitive skin.  I’ll throw in large pores too, just for good […]

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