Use a can opener to open rigid plastic clamshell packaging.

How to Safely Open Rigid Plastic Clamshell Packages Quick and Easy!

One of my biggest frustrations after shopping is opening those crazy plastic packages that everything seems to be sandwiched in these days!  For years, I’ve been trying to open these things with lots of failure, and giving myself the occasional injury to boot.  Recently, I picked up a label maker to get things organized around […]

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baby new kid goat

It’s a Girl! SML Welcomes Baby Liberty!

We welcome a new addition to our little farm on Friday night!  Our goat, Felicia, gave birth to a gorgeous, polled, doeling.    Isn’t she cute as a cupcake?     My homestead hubby was there for the birth & donated his jacket for Felicia to lay on.  Can you believe how fast this little […]

hay feeder manger for animals with horns

DIY Horn Friendly Hay Manger for Nothing But the Cost of Nails

Winter had been knocking on our door for a while now.  With colder days moving in and a bounty of snow, that means it’s time for the animals to find a safe haven in the shelter of the barn.  That also means our goats will be dining indoors.  While we’re no stranger to goats, this […]

athena, lgd, animals in the barn, winter

Quick Chat About Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have a hard-working Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD).  Her name is Athena, named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war.  It seemed like an appropriate name.  After all, she would be the one diving headfirst into a battle if an animal dared stir up a commotion near the barn.  And there are animals that […]

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Lessons Learned In the Barn - An 8-year-old blogger shares his story

Lessons Learned In the Barn

Welcome to the first official installment of Kids Thoughts, our newest addition to the blog where our youngest homesteaders, Nikolas and Brandon, will be sharing their stories and experiences.  Today, Brandon shares

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Natural DIY Shampoo Recipe

Natural Hair Care: An Easy DIY Recipe

I really enjoy making things myself, but shampoo is one of those tricky things I’ve had trouble with.  Having extremely long hair makes my long-time “No-poo” method a real chore.  And having children doesn’t make it any easier.  Convincing little boys to actually shower is hard enough, nevermind instructions to wash their hair that include […]

Easy coffee ground and honey facial scrub.

Honey + Spent Coffee Grounds = Love

Honey + spent coffee grounds = love for your skin. Did you know that your spent coffee grounds can be destined for more than just the compost pile?  One of my favorite ways to use them is as an ingredient in a super simple (and frugal!) facial scrub. How do you do it?  It’s likely easier […]

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