Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes No Sewing

5 Easy Last Minute No Sew Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here!  It’s not on its way, it’s not coming soon, it’s here today!  And here you are, like I was, desperately searching for a last minute costume that doesn’t require a trip to the store because…  well, because there’s just no time for that!  No worries!  With a little outside the box thinking, […]

Livestock Conservatory T Shirt GIveaway

Livestock Conservancy T Shirt Giveaway

In their continuing effort to bring awareness to the plight of endangered heritage breeds, Crooked Brook and The Mohawk Valley Trading Company have teamed up to sponsor a t-shirt giveaway to support and promote The Livestock Conservancy. The mission of The Livestock Conservancy revolves around conserving the genetics of nearly 200 livestock and poultry breeds, […]

Gluten free easy peasy flat bread recipe with no yeast.

Easy Peasy Gluten Free Stove Top Flat Bread Recipe

Being gluten free can cause lots of problems when it comes to some of our favorite comfort foods, namely anything bread related.  But with a little experimenting, I have been able to come up with a few recipes to replace all the different breads we used to enjoy.  And what’s the latest and greatest recipe […]

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Natural remedies for poison oak and poison ivy that actually work.

Natural Cures for Poison Oak that Actually Work

Poison oak is the devil.  That about sums up my feelings on the evil little plant.  If you’re anything like me, and you have a severe reaction to the urishiol on the plant, then you know just how I feel.  When I broke out with a case of poison oak recently, I was willing to […]

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Alternate Ways to Hang Dry Your Laundry | via Spring Mountain Living

Alternate Ways to Line Dry Your Clothes

A lot of you may already know, I love (yes love) doing laundry.  And like a lot of other things, I like to do it old school; washing by hand and hang-drying my clothes on a line.  I do my laundry this way year round, and have a fantastic line that my husband put up […]

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