Turn Your Farm Trash Into Treasure

Farms can quickly collect heaps of trash or junk, but when you look a little further into the heaps and piles of assorted randomness, the frugal farmer can quickly see a plethora of goodies.  The next time you find yourself ready to load up a trailer full of crap to drop at the dump, make […]

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athena, lgd, animals in the barn, winter

Quick Chat About Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have a hard-working Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD).  Her name is Athena, named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war.  It seemed like an appropriate name.  After all, she would be the one diving headfirst into a battle if an animal dared stir up a commotion near the barn.  And there are animals that […]

hay feeder manger for animals with horns

DIY Horn Friendly Hay Manger for Nothing But the Cost of Nails

Winter had been knocking on our door for a while now.  With colder days moving in and a bounty of snow, that means it’s time for the animals to find a safe haven in the shelter of the barn.  That also means our goats will be dining indoors.  While we’re no stranger to goats, this […]

Our new LGD pup meeting the animals

Zeus Trains With the Pigs: Integrating an LGD With Animals

Recently, we not only got some new piglets, but we also got ourselves a new LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) to add to our farm. After getting Zeus settled in, we decided that it would be best to train him to work with our new American Guinea Hogs. Specifically, we’re training him to work with the […]

Farm Fresh Eggs vs Store Bought Eggs

An Eggsperiment In Color: Farm Fresh vs Store-bought Eggs

Our family has been royally spoiled by farm fresh eggs.  Actually, so have our neighbors and any friends that stop by the house.  Even with the below-freezing temperatures, we’re still pulling in dozens more eggs than we can possibly use in each day. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really inspired by eggs lately.  Inspired to […]

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Nikolas Headshot Kids Thoughts

Kids Thoughts: Welcome Kid Bloggers Nikolas & Brandon

Our friends and regular readers know that it’s more than just me and Hubby on the farm. We have kids too! Since they are homeschooled, help out with chores and are subjected to eating our healthy (and sugar free!) diet, I thought it would only make sense to have them begin to help out with […]

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Natural DIY Shampoo Recipe

Natural Hair Care: An Easy DIY Recipe

I really enjoy making things myself, but shampoo is one of those tricky things I’ve had trouble with.  Having extremely long hair makes my long-time “No-poo” method a real chore.  And having children doesn’t make it any easier.  Convincing little boys to actually shower is hard enough, nevermind instructions to wash their hair that include […]

Tips for using coconut oil in your bath and body routine.

Coconut Oil: One Ingredient Moisturizing Tips

Coconut oil has many uses that can be found far beyond the kitchen.  Moisturizing is just one of the many ways you can use this fabulous oil outside cooking. But how do you use it and on what?   Use coconut oil as a face cream.  Just grab a dollop & melt together (if not […]

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